Everybody wants to live freely, but no one wants to be left alone.

If you are debating whether you will leave your elders at home or at an assisted facility, like Vita at Oakley, CA, think carefully. Humans are not designed to be alone.

The best thing is to understand what seniors may feel once you leave them at home.

Check out the following scenarios:

Can you be at peace knowing that your aged mother or father might have broken a hip because no one is around to get that spice on the upper cabinet?

With the assisted residential care home to aid your aging parents, you can feel assured they are taken care of like how you wanted to take care of them. The specialized caregivers will assist their (ADL) activities of daily living such as taking a bath, dressing, cleaning the house or room for them, providing warm beddings, germ-free facilities and more. They can do gardening if they want to, there’s no stopping them.
Also, the elders need someone they can converse with. They are interested in sharing their experiences and hear from others as well. That’s when the next scene comes in.

How can you be sure that your loved one will not fall into depression and resent over the small things making them feel neglected and useless?

The brain is one of the most critical parts of the human anatomy. So checking up on an elder’s mental health is a must. It can be tricky sometimes, as many people may try to hide their pain so one can recognize them until it’s too late. The independence combined with medical care is practiced in this Assisted Residential in Oakley, CA yet allowing them to be more welcoming and engaging to other residents who have been experiencing different levels of hardships in life. The more they know they can share their struggles and receive a healthy audience interaction from other seniors can help alter their perspective and even attain a more positive outlook in their later years.

Wherever you want to put your elders, they must have a supportive community that can address to depression ensuring your beloved will not be alone. When coping with loneliness and depression, ‘outlets’ such as regular exercises, nutritious meals, and recreation are introduced. Art nights are one way to express their feeling or appreciate creativity and vice versa.

Do you think you can still show love and care even though you need to juggle from one state to another to sustain their medication and all other necessities?

Of course, the Assisted Care Homes are born because they got to recognize how it’s difficult to jump onto one location and back home to check up on the seniors. Don’t worry the caregivers won’t rob the love from you, they will extend the affection. Why not suggest a “trial run” for your elders, so they can feel whether the vibe will be good for them or not?

In the end, they will be the one living with assistance and not you.   Ask for the elder’s preferences and evaluate if the Assisted Senior Care Home like Vita is suitable for them. Who knows, once your elders tried living for a couple of days, they might recommend the place for you to stay as soon as you hit the old age, too.

The fully remodeled home also has the basic necessities a real home have (or better). Respect for privacy through spacious private rooms with cable TV, and furniture if needed. Trust us, the seniors will not get bored with the in-house entertainment and games in the common area: game nights every week, TV, DVDs, VHS, and even library book ordering.



Looking for a senior care home center is not easy. You need to do some research about the facility, how organized they are, and what the services are provided. The combination of a traditional holistic approach with modern technology, a well-researched care facility to spend your days with is something to look for. The best location should be near a park, closer to nature where the seniors can loosen up all the stress they experience related to reaching the old age.

The secured place and appealing environment where fun activities, holiday events, and birthday celebrations, unless there is a request not to participate in them due to personal beliefs. Vita is one of the booming names in this industry of accommodating the elders with deep respect and excellent caring professionals to living their life to the fullest. Oh, and let us not forget that all family members are always welcome to visit, no strict visiting hours required. 

Remember, you can care but not be caring at all – and that is not what Vita will do. When our team shows care, they are genuinely caring as well.

Visit the Vita assisted the residential home in Oakley and see how we can deliver satisfaction and thoughtfulness for your elder loved-ones needs.